2019 Justice Summit

Several roadsigns are prominent including Classism, Denialism, Racism, Patriarchy, Colonialism, Hetero-sexism, Cis-genderism, Jingoism, Ableism & Ageism. Two additional signs are, as yet, unlabeled.

Our Justice Summit is coming up! On October 12, 2019, we’ll be gathering together to explore “Navigating Intersectionality.”  To get more information and to register see our Justice Summit web section.

Commitment to EDI

JUUstice Washington is incorporating and promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in all that we do and represent.  Read here for more on our definitions, position statement and other guiding principles.

Take Action

JUUstice Washington encourages its members and allies to engage in a variety of actions to move justice on the path forward.  Visit this page to find out what you can do both in general and on specific issue actions.

Justice Events Calendar

Peruse our calendar to see what’s happening in your area or around the state.  There are lots of things happening – educational events, meetings, demonstrations, vigils and more.