Part II – 2020 Justice Summit

December 4-6, 2020

Part II of the Summit is upon us! We will re-convene and put the information we received in the October panels and armed with the hope from the November elections to good use in developing strategic plans to address the many issues for the upcoming year.  Join us and help get us back on track by repairing what’s been damaged and moving forward into the future.  Look for updates at our Summit pages.

Take Action






We urge you to  engage in a variety of actions to move justice forward. Visit this page to discover general and specific things to take action on.

Events Calendar

Check out our Calendars!   There are lots of things happening in your area or around the state – educational events, meetings, demonstrations, vigils & more.  We have a master calendar where you can check on what’s going on in all justice spheres, or you can check each issue action page for their specific issue calendars.

Commitment to EDI

We are committed to incorporating and promoting equity, diversity & inclusion in all that we do & represent. Definitions, Our position and other guiding principles here.